How to Make Your Borobudur Tour Memorable

Feeling interested in visiting Borobudur? Do you want to know how to create a memorable Borobudur tour? Well, Borobudur has become one of must to visit vacation destinations in Indonesia. Not only local tourists but also international tourists include this tourism spot in their list of must to visit local attractions.

Unfortunately, not all tourists who have visited Borobudur could fully enjoy their tour. There are some things that might make them disappointed. The followings are some tips that can make your  borobudur tour memorable. Whether you are going to visit Borobudur for the first time or the fifth time, these tips will surely be helpful.

How to Make Your Borobudur Tour Memorable

Learn about Borobudur
It is important for you to have some basic knowledge about Borobudur before taking a trip to borobudur. As a sacred Buddhist temple, Borobudur still becomes a place for worship and pilgrimage. Vesak ceremony that is celebrated by Buddhists once a year is centered at three Buddhist temples including Borobudur.

This fact implies that there are certainly some rules to obey when you visit Borobudur. Then, the fact that Borobudur is has six square platforms and 3 circular platforms simply tells you that you must prepare your physical condition well if you want to climb to the top of the temple. As you know, to climb that high, you need to have good physical condition. You should also learn about the entrance fee to help you deciding how much money you should prepare.

Make a Thorough Preparation
Once you have decided to have a journey to borobudur, you need to make a thorough preparation.
First, you should prepare your travel documents. You should not forget your identification card as it will be useful when you are facing an unexpected condition.

Second, you must prepare suitable outfits. Having a tour to Borobudur means to walk in a wide temple complex. Your outfit should be comfortable enough as you probably will sweat a lot.

Third, you should prepare your personal medical equipment. To anticipate unexpected health condition, you should bring your medical equipment because health care unit might not be available near you.

Fourth, it is necessary to carry cash because you need to pay entrance fee. The existence of many handicraft sellers inside the complex might attract you to buy souvenirs. If you plan to buy something for your friends, you certainly need cash.

Know How to Get to Borobudur
To make sure that your  borobudur tour enables you to achieve your goal, you need to know how to get to Borobudur. Basically, taking public transportation is not recommended if you want to have a comfortable journey.

However, if you want your trip to be challenging, you can surely choose public transportation. In this case, buying a tour package can become a great solution because this will enable you to get to Borobudur effortlessly.

A Borobudur tour agent usually provides all inclusive tour package, allowing you to have a memorable journey in borobudur without experiencing lots of hassles. You just need to compare several tour agents to find a reputable tour agent because such tour agent gives unmatched services.