Parangtritis Beach: A Beautiful yet Mystical Beach in the Southern of Yogyakarta

When folks are talking about the beauty of Parangtritis beach, they cannot separate the beach with all mystical stories it has. Lots of local people believe that the beach has unknown secrets and this belief seemingly has become a local wisdom.

However, this local wisdom does not stop people to visit Parangtritis. Instead, the mystical stories of the beach make people interested in having a journey to Parangtriris. More and more people visit the beach in which the peak number of visitors is during weekends and holidays. Well, does Parangritis beach is actually worth to visit?

The Nearest Beach to the City
If your time is limited but you want to enjoy the fresh breeze of sea water, having a trip to Parangtriris is a perfect solution. Located in the southern of Yogyakarta, it is 27 km from Yogyakarta. Compared to other beaches in the special province of Yogyakarta, Parangtritis is the nearest beach to the city.

Parangtritis Beach: A Beautiful yet Mystical Beach in the Southern of Yogyakarta

To reach the beach, you can use either public or private transportation. You can rent a car or take a bus. However, if you plan to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, you should use a private transportation as public transportation has not yet available at that time.

Beautiful Beach with Impressing Phenomena
Deciding to have traveling to Parangtriris means to get ready to experience impressing phenomena. When you step on the beach, you can see how the sloping beach is really beautiful yet attractive. The rocky hills add the beauty of the beach.

The sceneries of surrounding areas are impressive. You should not forget to bring your camera and take pictures. Also, the fact that the beach still becomes a place for meditation makes the beach become a sacred place. This certainly creates a distinctive atmosphere.

Lots of Exciting Local Attractions
Visiting Parangtritis beach does not mean that you can only enjoy the beauty of the nature and feel the breeze of sea water; it is more than that. If you have ti visit Parangtriris, you will be able to ride a pony on the sand. There are many people offering pony riding. If you want to explore the beach but too tired to walk, you can simply ride one of the ponies. Then, you can visit several caves that are located nearby the beach.

Cave tour is certainly interesting as you will never know what is inside the caves before you try to enter. Next, you can go to Parangtritis desert. There is a location near the beach where you can find a desert. This place now is getting more popular as more and more people use it as a place to do various outdoor activities.

Easy to Find Lodging Services and Accommodations
When you are visiting Parangtritis, you do not need to worry about finding foods to eat or a place to stay. There are many small hotels and simple restaurants around the beach. However, if you buy a trip to Parangtriris from an agent, you usually will not need to think about accommodations or lodging services as your agent has been handled it for you.