How to get extra SUN for Plants VS Zombie

Zombies are invading your home, and the only defense is your arsenal of plants! Armed with an alien nursery-worth of zombie-zapping plants like peashooters and cherry bombs, you'll need to think fast and plant faster to stop dozens of types of zombies dead in their tracks. 

Obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge, and with five game modes to dig into, the fun never dies.
Lets make this game more easier with more extra SUN. Lets do it.
There is two ways to get extra SUN for Plants vs Zombie

First way (using cheat engine)
open your game exe

plants vs zombies ectra sun,,

Open cheat engine exe, and And then select a process to open

Select the game on the process list and then open

1. See how many is the sun do you have
2. And then fill it on the value box
3. Then klik first scan as seen in the picture below
1. play your game for a while and put some flower to change the value of the sun
2. Go back to cheat engine and change value in cheat engine according to the amount of sun in the game
3. then click next scan
4. then double-click adrress value
5. then double-click value
6. fill in the amount of sun as you wish
7. click OK as seen in the picture below

D O N E  You’ve got extra sun now

The Other Way (using trainer)
is more easy than the first and with more functions

Just download the plants vs zombie +4 trainer HERE and follow the instructions.
- it can make money infinity
- to create an unlimited amount of sun into
- to eliminate coldown / loading on the plants that will be planted
DONE. I hope you enjoy